Antics of a Poet


“We break like humans, but we rebuild like Gods”

—   Jasmine Nicole Mans

Honestly, by Melanie YeYo Carter

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The Side Chick Poem (First Draft)

Sensual Flow (CLIP)


"I be…
Crown Royal laced imagination
Purple bagged addiction
with a Foxy Brown appeal
on this extra helpin of curves
The drip right before the fall of your senses
I’m unorthodox in the way I lay your sh*t bare

Your climax with clothes on
Your late night HBO flow
Those personal interactions with self that leave you breathless
Until I drop to knees, once more, before you
I swear, your hands and fingers can’t do…
what I do”


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“I may never know how you slipped hope into my back pocket
and convinced it I was worth more than a glimpse
Even though you know I reek of mishaps and mistakes…
worry and worthlessness…
But you embrace my flaws like desperate hands holding flyers
of missing children”

—   Melanie YeYo Carter

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Honestly by Melanie YeYo Carter

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You and I

You and I…
we are ordinary people two deep breaths away
from crashing into eternity heart first
We are storms coloring the sky outside of the lines
as we search for some form of peace
We are beautiful rage confined in bodys much too small,
so we spill over into each other’s world like waterfalls and loud whispers
We are rainbows with no beginning nor end,
so our fairytale lives are lost in fractured light
We are wingless angels with halos of fire,
so we bounce between the heaven of hope and the hell of hopelessness

You and I…
we are dreams birthed from nightmares,
so, often, we smile and cry in the same second
We are moments collectively deciding to happen,
so we live in spite of the struggle to survive
We are memories begging the future to be kind,
and not repeat itself
We are music fighting to be heard by the deaf
and fighting to be felt by numb
We are forever connected at the conjunction of our madness
with blatant disregard to mortality

You and I…
we are a musician’s first symphony
an artist’s first masterpiece
a poet’s first poem
You and I…
We are love…


Oh So Random, by Melanie YeYo Carter

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"of death and fairytales"

"of death and fairytales"

They wonder how she does it
How she lives dreams knowing there will be no happy ending
How she smiles back knowing their teeth are merely dams
that hold in their speculations

Some days,
it crawls up my sanity…
bending the bough of my mind at the roots
Come closer to me and feel what breaks
Feel what shatters here while it consumes
Feelings transformed to fumes that choke life from limbs
rip breath from lips and collapsed lungs…
Swallow the death here
Taste its marrow and fiction

I wonder if Death can keep its promises
If it can really embrace all of me
Or does it have the human trait of imperfection?
Will it forget to hold me forever after this courtship is over?
After it knows every cell attached to this frame?
After the climax of my end,
will it continue to revel in these walls?
No one will ever know how I wish this were true
How I long to keep Death here
How I wish this tragedy could end with me,
and never touch another life
This would be my happy ending
But who ever said life would be a fairytale anyway?

-Melanie YeYo Carter-


Untitled 12.26.2013

Your touch…makes it impossible not to
smile vertically…
On face…
And below waist

Soul deep

It’s amazing how we teach the sun & moon
about symmetry
We are Ying & Ying…
We push
explode simultaneously
And we spill…
producing orgasmic galaxies
on fingers
in palms
in Psalms
on lips
Your hands translate the Braille on my skin
into moans
You read me…
Only to find yourself in the history of my forever

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